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Neat & Net is a premier cleaning service for the Eco-conscious consumer,believing that a spotless home doesn’t require harming the environment. At Neat & Net, we know how important the cleanliness is. That is why we are working for excellence in cleaning services. Hire a Cleaning professional and get the job done right. We will give you a professional cleaner right away and  offers  a wide range of cleaning and home/office cleaning services that accomplish cleanliness with low environmental impact.

We understand that cleaning and maintaining your home can be extremely time consuming; often forcing you to choose between what needs to get done and what you love to do.Our methods combine new, innovative approaches with time-tested traditions and a little bit of old-fashioned elbow grease. Whether your house needs a deep cleaning, you’re moving, or are simply looking for regular maid services, Neat & Net’s cleaning services is here to help!

Neat & Net is a one-stop shop for all types cleaning services that offer the best Dubai cleaners and best cleaning services in Dubai, UAE. Whether you need a building cleaning, school cleaning, restaurant cleaning, office cleaning or house cleaning or sofa carpet cleaning, we can help. There is no additional charge or hidden charge. You pay only what you ordered. Neat & Net cleaning service is the ideal choice for house cleaning and office cleaning service.

Our team of expertly trained staff is always timely and polite, arriving with our own cleaning supplies and equipment in-hand, ready to go to work. Save time and money by choosing Neat & Net Cleaning Company,  the premier cleaning company in Dubai.

Whether you are in need of a one-time home visit for a little sprucing up of your home, or a thorough cleaning on a regular basis, Neat & Net is at your service. We can also create a regular customized cleaning schedule for weekly, biweekly and monthly cleaning and maintenance. So contact us today. Whether you are in need of a single pair of extra hands or a whole team of cleaning professionals, Neat & Net Cleaning Company is the top choice for residents in Dubai, UAE.

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Service Cost: AED 40.00 + 5% VAT

Minimal Duration 2 Hours

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