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Expert house cleaning services really are a boon in order to homeowners, who barely have who have no time for this job. If you look around, you will discover a house cleaning services in Dubai most our residence are in JLT Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah and same as well the tallest building in the world burj khalifa providing such regular cleaning services.

With regards to Neat & Net Cleaning, there tend to be many at the convenience. Including dusting, which is a terrific way to remove cobwebs, particles, and additional hidden or even visible contaminants from flooring, tiling, carpets and rugs, mop cleaning and area rugs. Local experts will even shampoo as well as vacuum cleaning service to revive natural materials and vibrancy over the property.

Mopping is actually another good way to enhance the sparkle and allure of the floors. Clean up all bedrooms thorough dusting with reachable areas, floor cleaning, general dusting, cobwebs removed, doors and door frames spot cleaned change of bed sheet, clean mirrors, Empty all bins and change bin covers, marble polishing and mop cleaning, clean all skirting. Regardless of the tiles you’ve, area experts use liquids which are not abrasive and can easily get and get rid of debris. They’ll also do such kind of deep cleaning all of the rooms inside your property, such as crawlspaces, ceiling, garages, washing in and out side, marble polish services in Dubai as well as attics in the event that desired.

Save your time and energy with Neat & Net Cleaning Services. Let us organize your living space. Neat & Net house cleaners are here to serve you. We clean your home from top to bottom and nothing is overlooked. We clean hundreds of houses every day, but when we are cleaning yours, it’s the only home we care about

Our regular professional House Cleaning Services include:

  • Thorough cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Wiping of cupboards and washing floors.
  • dusting and washing of balcony
  • Complete vacuuming in every room.
  • Cleaning inside the cabinets
  • Cleaning bathroom sink
  • Spot cleaning of paint work…and more – all you have to do is ask!

Why Neat & Net for House Cleaning

  1. The best house cleaning company in Dubai
  2. Same day availability & Free quotes for your cleaning requirements
  3. We offer the best price in the Dubai market
  4. Reliable & Hardworking Maids are available

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Service Cost: AED 40 + 5% VAT

Minimal Duration 2.00 Hours

There's no job too dirty for us, as there's also no area too spacious for us to spruce it up...

 Give us a call or send an email to book our cleaning services for your home or office location!
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See our satisfied customers’ reviews:

Edward Hamilton

– May 10, 2016

Moving out of the old house into a brand new one is not an easy feat on its own… I hardly imagine how we would have dealt with all the cleaning up if it was not for help by these tremendous, quick and price affordable service!

Mary Beavers

– May 10, 2016

While cleaning an office may sound like a relatively easy endeavor, just imagine a daily cleanup in an open space, where up to 150 people sit at a time… We’re saved only by this cleaning company’s grace!

Lisa Melthory

– May 10, 2016

While I’ve always used to clean up my house pretty thorough, when it came down to renting it out, it turned out the house needed a deep cleaning and urgently. Thanks God there are companies like this for that!

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