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After a hard day at work, the first thing you would like to do is embrace up on your sofa and browsing the TV channels. You feel so comfy and relaxed in that piece of furniture. But have you ever wondered how much pollution your sofa is exposed to? Dust mites, bacteria, dust particles all contaminate and pollute your sofa. Not to mention the dust accumulated after a sand storm. Experts recommend cleaning your sofa once in 6 months not only to make it pollution free but also to extend its life.

Neat and Net, through our professional Sofa cleaners, provides affordable sofa cleaning service in Dubai. We clean, sanitize and remove all spots from your sofa making it bright and fresh as new.

After cleaning, you will be impressed by cleanliness and wonderful aroma of your home. And your family may even think that you buy the new furniture.
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Sofa Shampoo Cleaning

Even if your upholstery doesn’t have any visible defects or stains, it may contain dust, dirt or pet fur. Remember, that such accumulation can become the reason of allergies.
We will help you to remove most of bacteria`s and 95% visible stains.
With shampoo cleaning, it is so easy to refresh the appearance of your sofa and other furniture. It also protects your family from allergies.
After this method, you will be impressed by the cleanliness and wonderful scent of your home.

What can be cleaned by Shampoo?
o Carpets & Rugs
o Mattress
o Fabric Upholstery & Sofa
o Car Interior
o Yacht & Boat Interior
o Outdoor Canopies

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Service Cost: AED 50 + 5% VAT per Seat.

Minimal Duration 2.00 Hours

Our sofa cleaning experts in Dubai will come and clean your sofa, no matter what the conditions are

To book our Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai for your home or office: Call or Send E-mail!!
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See our satisfied customers’ reviews:

Edward Hamilton

– May 10, 2016

Moving out of the old house into a brand new one is not an easy feat on its own… I hardly imagine how we would have dealt with all the cleaning up if it was not for help by these tremendous, quick and price affordable service!

Mary Beavers

– May 10, 2016

While cleaning an office may sound like a relatively easy endeavor, just imagine a daily cleanup in an open space, where up to 150 people sit at a time… We’re saved only by this cleaning company’s grace!

Lisa Melthory

– May 10, 2016

While I’ve always used to clean up my house pretty thorough, when it came down to renting it out, it turned out the house needed a deep cleaning and urgently. Thanks God there are companies like this for that!