Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

The Construction Cleaning Service is a specialized Division of Neat and Net providing a full range of Cleaning Services to the Construction Industry.We provide Building Cleaning and Post Refurbishment Cleaning to Builders, Architects, and Individual properties alike, in all major areas across the UAE. From residential properties to Hotels, Retail centers, Spas, Shopping Centers, Business Centers, Restaurants and Clubs, Cleanco is the best choice for construction cleaning in UAE. We provide specialist cleaning and maintenance services including Floor Maintenance , Sealing, Buffing, Marble Crystallization, Tiles Cleaning, External Cleaning, High Level Cleaning and much more.

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Service Cost: AED 40.00 + 5% VAT

Minimal Duration 2.00 Hours

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Edward Hamilton

– May 10, 2016

Moving out of the old house into a brand new one is not an easy feat on its own… I hardly imagine how we would have dealt with all the cleaning up if it was not for help by these tremendous, quick and price affordable service!

Mary Beavers

– May 10, 2016

While cleaning an office may sound like a relatively easy endeavor, just imagine a daily cleanup in an open space, where up to 150 people sit at a time… We’re saved only by this cleaning company’s grace!

Lisa Melthory

– May 10, 2016

While I’ve always used to clean up my house pretty thorough, when it came down to renting it out, it turned out the house needed a deep cleaning and urgently. Thanks God there are companies like this for that!

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